Nothing like a beautiful sunset!

April 7, 2017. by Bhavik (ZipDoc founder)

This is one of my favorite things to do when I just need some peaceful time for myself to reconnect with nature and my thoughts!


October 15, 2016. by Bhavik (ZipDoc founder)

Enjoying some time off with friends celebrating some late inning heroics by the Cubs to pull off a much needed win….this is our year to finally win the World Series!

Living life!

July 30, 2016. by Bhavik (ZipDoc founder)

I wanted to create a memorable page which applauds all of our amazing ZipDoc Influencers for taking a proactive approach in creating more time for yourselves in order to take advantage of life’s amazing opportunities!

Did you have an amazing experience at work which made you feel great about yourself? Were you able to get done with your clinical work early and create new memories with your friends or loved ones? These are just some of the experiences ZipDoc wants to create for you and we would love it if you would share some of them with us!